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Hi there, welcome! This is the space where Xiyu Deng, an LA-based graphic designer, documents her “work” outside of work. Xiyu now works as a designer at Instrument. The clients she has worked with include: Google, Apple, SKII, Pepsi, Lay’s, CalArts... Her work is recognized by TDC and Graphis, and she taught advanced motion at Cal Poly Pomona throughout 2020 academic year. Besides design, Xiyu loves taking photos and learning new languages. She is always excited to meet people with different cultural backgrounds. Drop her a line if you want to have a chat!


Fictional Nation


A Journey




Beyond the selects🐛️🍄️👌️

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Apple TV



flag(s), logo type, currency, uniform, packaging

SERENTIA is the last resort for human beings after WWIII. The survivors suffer a mental trauma, similar to PTSD. In SERENTIA, time is the currency and citizens can forget their trauma within certain time limit. If their currency runs low, they start to suffer flashback.



music cover, visual forms, website

Hoping to better protdect Cantonese culture after 2019 protest, young musicians in Hong Kong started to produce more songs in their native language. Inspired by their efforts, I am designing concept covers for the Cantonese songs that I’ve been listening to. To explore the full list of covers: https://cantopop.zone/




prints, visual forms

Visually recording my feelings, reflections, and criticism during Covid-19, this project gives me a chance to practice designing in dual languages and explore forms in the Chinese ritual culture.