Since 2019, the HongKong society has been through some drastic changes: young people being put into prison for protesting against their government and hundreds and thousands of residents moving away from this city as they see no hope in the near future. 

During this depressing time, entertainment becomes one of the major emotional outlets. Young musicians there started writing more songs to comfort the citizens and to record the challenges that the city has been through. More songs have been written in Cantonese, as HongKong citizens realized how critical it is to protect their own culture.

Taking inspirations from all these, I re-created covers for the songs that have been produced within the last two years. Design wise, I experimented different ways to produce cover art, hoping to produce some fun visuals that can attract more people to be curious about Cantonese pop music.

Terence Lam

Jer Lau

MC Cheung

C AllStar

(Keung To, Anson Lo, Ian Chan, Jer Lau. Jeremy Lee)

Gareth Tong


Yoyo Sham